What Proof of Income Should I Upload for My Parents with no Formal Salary.

I am a parent/guardian, unemployed, was not retrenched, what proof may I submit for the application? An affidavit will be accepted; however, your employment status will be verified through government entities and 3rd party agencies.

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I am an orphan (vulnerable child), how/where do I get hold of a social worker?

You may speak to a Life Orientation educator or principal to direct you to your nearest Department of Social Development with the area.

If my parent/guardian is a taxi driver, what proof of income should I upload?

You will be required to submit a letter of employment indicating your parent/guardian’s income.

In terms of semester students, does NSFAS fund them and what is the process?

NSFAS funds a student for the duration of studies therefore NSFAS does not require the student to apply every semester or year.

When a student is approved for funding it is for the whole academic year, and subsequent years after, provided that the student meets the academic progression requirements.

My parents/ guardian is an informal trader selling fruit, what proof of income should I upload?

An affidavit by your parent/guardian will be required as proof. Your parents/guardian income will be verified by 3rd party agencies.

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